Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Why I love my husband (reason 5497)

Chris, to Ada, who has been camped out in the bathroom refusing to pee for a half-hour: Do you want to do the Cheerio trick?

Ada: What?

Chris: The Cheerio trick, where we put a Cheerio in the bottom of the potty and you pee on it. Do you want to do that?

Ada: Yes!

Of course in the end she changed her mind and no one peed on any grains, but oh how I love that he came up with this one.


  1. Ah, yes, that old trick. Man, if we could mix up Ada and my bad dog, who will pee anywhere anytime, on command or not, we would have a good thing.

  2. I've heard of using this for little boys (who need some help with aim), but it's pretty brilliant of Chris to try it with Ada.

  3. Heh. Who knew girls would like that too?

  4. If only he'd been around when we were working on using the potty. Which SUCKED by the way, should you need reassurance that a) you are not alone and b)it will all work out it in the end.

  5. Awesome. Dudelette eats Cheerios (or ate - we've suddenly banned all sugary snacks in the wake of all this stuff going on in our mouths) - I've never thought about the other users.