Monday, December 15, 2008

I'm So Tired

(And now for the boring pregnancy complaints! No wonder no one reads this blog.)

One of the side effects of my twin pregnancy, along with a quickly expanding midsection, appears to be fatigue. I remember being incredibly tired during my first trimester of pregnancy with Ada, but this time I felt reasonably perky until a couple of weeks ago. Now I want a nap almost daily, and this afternoon while reading books with Ada it was all I could do to keep my eyes open. Luckily Chris was home and I dragged myself upstairs to take a quick nap. Less fortuitously Ada ended my short nap by "gently" patting me and climbing all over me to tuck herself into bed with me. Her attentions were very sweet, however, and she did not complain when I stayed in bed while Chris gave her a bath.

Lying in bed I thought of an old movie reference, a favorite in my family. Madeline Kahn, as Lilly Von Schtupp, deadpanning "I'm So Tired." I realize this is not totally apt, as Lilly's complaint is somewhat different from mine. But hey, and port/reference in a storm, right?

Oh, and about that expanding belly...Last time I was pregnant Chris took a picture of me every Monday night.  I'm not going to show the photos because they were taken with me in various unflattering states of undress. (Hello internet, marvel at my ugly undies!) Not my finest moments, these pictures of me looking rumpled and tired, but they do mark the weekly progress of my belly. I dragged these pictures out a couple of weeks ago, since the first was taken around week 12 and I wanted a comparison. The week 12 photograph shows no evidence of pregnancy, other than why else would I be raising my shirt? This time my belly was already pooching. Now, at 14 weeks I look as big as I did at about 5 months last time. The pictures show that some time in early March 2005 I took out my navel ring, which I'd worn for 10 years. I figured I could have it put back in, but somehow I never did.

So right, tired and big already. Sleepy tired, but also tired in that all over muscle way that makes me nervous about what is coming the next few months. Plus my knees hurt. I have crappy knees, due to torturing them with competitive running in high school and goodness knows what else. I had surgery on one knee in college, but both are a bit wonky and sensitive to change. As my hips get moved about, my knees complain about the new arrangement. Last time I slept with a pillow between my knees. Chris and I called the pillow the boyfriend. Poor Chris, I've got a husband and a boyfriend, plus him. (Not to be confused with these husband pillows.)


  1. I slept with one of those pillows for the last few months of the pregnancy - my husband called it "the interloper".

    Sorry about all the misery.

  2. Oh boy. You know I sympathize. It won't be long before I break out the giant body pillow.

  3. (Now why is it that my comments just don't post on Firefox for Mac? )

    Anyway, I remember supermum claiming up to six pillows plus a big moon shaped cushion whilst I made do with one. Seemed fair enough at the time. Funny thing is, I don't seem to have got any of them back, one year post-partum..

  4. perhaps what you really need are some more flattering undies. how about a cheetah print thong? i think that'd do the trick.


  5. Wow! This all sounds so familiar. I was extremely tired in the first trimester and while that has eased somewhat, I'm still exhausted every night and nap on the weekends when I can. I'm also huge!!!!! I can't believe how pregnant I look. It scares me to think how big I'll be by the end. I also brought out my rather large U-shaped pillow I used with my first pregnancy and I definitely sleep with it in between my knees and tucked under my belly. Last night though I was uncomfortable on my side. My hips were hurting. Eek! And this is only the start of the 2nd trimester!

  6. Well, I'm only having 1 but I'm also tired and big. I suspect I won't be as big as you will be soon, but for now, I sort of wonder whether the doctors have been wrong and there's 2 in there after all. Ridiculous!