Sunday, August 17, 2008

Wow, Talk About Spacy

I just realized that I never selected a winner for the picnic code I was going to give away. Over a week ago. Ahem.

Ok, here goes. (Drumroll, please.)

The winner is Kaci! Congratulations, Kaci. Have fun Picniking!

When you get a minute, will you make me look less green in this picture? Thanks!

C & me on St John's Bridge
Chris and me on the St John's bridge, during this year's Bridgepedal


  1. I look at this picture and it's like you're already here!


  2. ahhh.. an image from home. I grew up about 45 minutes from that bridge. I always wanted to do the bridgepedal - though it now always reminds me of a story a friend told awhile ago. They were in the waiting room of their clinic when a very frantic couple arrived for a time sensative appt - freaking out because they were not aware of the bridgepedal and the traffic challenges it poses for people with 8 am appts at the fertility clinic!

  3. That would be a frustrating moment, smiling!

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