Thursday, August 14, 2008

Special Delivery

This arrived today:

box 'o meds

Yes folks, that is a $4,500 package. It showed up this morning, and I stowed the various vials and containers in the fridge and on counters. Now that Ada can open the refrigerator I am a bit more cautious about where I put those meds.

Turns out I had mis-calculated the cycle dates when I was estimating on my own, which means that we CAN go to Canada for Labor Day. (Or should I type Labour Day?) Yay for us! Hopefully the Lupron headache will be controllable this time. It helps when I identify that it is a Lupron headache and don't fruitlessly try to medicate with ever more caffeine.

In other health care news, the Onion Radio News has a good piece up: Republican Enjoys Paying Huge Health Insurance Premiums. Saying I got this from one of my bosses does not violate my "don't blog about work" rule, I suppose.

In case you think you might need your eyes checked, see this first. (found at design for mankind)

And now for mental health: I am off to the beach with Chris' family. No doubt to get my ass kicked in Settlers of Catan. But I'm the king of Boggle. See you next week.


  1. I got my big box of drugs not that long ago as well although no Lupron for me this time around. I'm on an atagonist cycle. Have fun playing Settlers! It's a fun game. One of the few German board games I really enjoy.

  2. Wow! Here I am now, sitting in Ottawa, rooting for you big time. Thank you for sharing your story with us - you are helping me to understand what some people I love dearly went through to have their beautiful babies.
    And so glad you all get to spend Labour Day (and yes to the 'u' ;-) in Canada!

  3. WOWZA--- those are some expensive drugs!

    Thanks for the link, dear. ;)