Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Does this make up for not calling my parents on their anniversary?

About an hour after I whined about my fears of Lupron's side effects and not being excited for this round of IVF, my sister (who comments on my blog via email), sent me this note:

i just read your last post, and i want to try to comfort you with tales of similar things that i have done without lupron:

--gone to sfo when my flight was from oakland
--gone to oakland when my flight was from sfo
--told callers, "she's not here, but would you like to take a message?"
--forgotten my own sister's birthday, and called her about something else on that day
--gone all the way to berkeley to turn in forms that i'd left at home
--completely, i mean completely, forgot my ATM PIN, never to recall it again
--just yesterday, i called someone a birthday boy when it was not his birthday
--the day before that, as you know, i went to a cafe more than a mile away, without any money

all this to say, you're probably losing your mind, too, but it's probably not due to IVF.


  1. You have a very nice sister :)

  2. I am positive I have The Alzheimer's. It's the only explanation.
    One time, a coworker needed a file from my computer when I was out of the office. I typed up specific instructions on where to find the file, if he wanted to go log into my computer and get it himself. Typed from my iPhone, all while walking down the street carrying my computer on my shoulder.

  3. Ooh, I need a sister like that! Just so I can feel better about myself.