Monday, August 04, 2008

Coffee, tea, or . . . barium milk?

Ada: Here is some puta hutu banana lemonade.

Me (after deciding not to get into why puta might not be a good thing to drink): Delicious.

Ada: This is barium milk.

Me: Yum.

Ada: Coffee? But it is bad for you.

Me: What? Coffee is?

Ada: Yes, BAD for you.

Later, after feeding her rubber ducky some barium, Ada allowed as how barium tastes bad. Maybe because it was cut with bath water? 


  1. coffee may be bad for you (though the jury's still out, or that's what i tell myself), but i'd take it over barium milk!

    she's a riot.

  2. LOL Kids are awfully imaginative---especially yours from the sounds of that, very cute.

    Love your beach photos.