Thursday, July 24, 2008

Walking In A Stranger's iPod

What was that saying about knowing someone only after you have walked a mile in her shoes? Well today I listened to a stranger's ipod, but I am still not sure who he is, other than a fan of rap music.

And of Steve Winwood.

What would you do with a found iPod? I went right for the "25 most played" playlist. Something is wrong with the screen (hey, it was dropped at least once, right?). Only the bottom-left corner of the screen works. I can read the first word or two of the song titles, but nothing else. After a half-hour of assorted (and to my ear, second rate) rap, all of a sudden a fast-paced remix of "Call On Me" comes on. A quick search turned up the name Eric Prydz as the artist. And then, as quickly as it came on, it was replaced by more nameless hip hop.

Truthfully, it was a little disappointing, this iPod full of music that means nothing to me. I like rap, but it is not so good as office music, especially while I finish up edits on a report eight months in the making. When I saw the iPod lying in the street, I hoped that I would be transported into someone else's world by the music I found on it. Well, first I hoped that no cars ran over it before the light changed. But then I hoped to get a musical ride. Mostly I was bored by what I found, though maybe I will dig a little deeper to see what else is on this guy's playlist.

No doubt if the tables were turned, and this unknown rap fan found my nano, he'd be equally confused by my choices. Bon Iver? Neko Case? What the fuck? Natalie Portman's Shaved Head? I wonder if he'd turn the iPod over and see that it has "Nonlinear Girl" engraved on the back? (Chris ordered it for me when we got the new computer.) Maybe he'd google the name, and find me. He'd comment on a random quote post and we'd forge a lasting bond between people who frequent the corner of 12th and State. I would give him his iPod and take mine back. We'd laugh at our good luck and shake our heads at the other's taste.Or not. I feel bad that I can't return the iPod to this guy. Even if he knows where he lost it, what is the point of putting it back there now? Anyone need a half-broken iPod? Free to a good home.


  1. Good thing you didn't find my MP3 would really be confused. I have music ranging from classical, gospel, rap, hip hop, pop, oldies and rock. What does that say about me? I have multiple personality disorder or I'm unique I guess.

  2. My playlist would really drive you nuts. It's mostly 80s music. Some even older than that. Janis Ian, Joan Armatrading, The Eurythmics, Van Morrison..

    Oh, the horrors!

  3. Is there anything in the "contacts" section that might help you find him?

    On my musical taste: Himself once compared it to mixing ice cream and horse shit. I don't think I have a top 25 most played list? But if I did it might alternately horrify and delight. Do you use it's a wonderful program for trackign what you listen to, seeing what others are listening to, and finding new music...I'm on there as nicebutnubbly, natch.

  4. how disappointing.

    and what's with the stevie winwood?

    "one of these things is not like the others;
    one of these things doesn't belong
    can you guess which thing is not like the others
    by the time i finish my song?"

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  6. dude, MY playlist would f'n rock. Just saying. And definitely NO Steve Winwood allowed.

  7. Post it for return in the lost and found on craigslist. Or are you not up to that?

    I got my neighbours cat back through craigslist FAST.

    And the Neko Album is spinning in the van right now. You know how I think of you -- I attribute you directly that p-man got it for me for my birthday. When I listen (an dearie me sing it) it's like you are right there with me.

    Have a good day at work is what I mean I guess.

    ps.. wanna come for a sleepover Labour Day weekend? -- Neko Show in Stanley Park. think about it.

  8. See. this will be a great venue I think.

  9. I have a playlist called cheesy, so hopefully, if anyone ever finds my iPod, they will know that my music is bad, and they'll cut me some slack.

  10. My playlists are just weird...

    But my daughter seems to like them.