Sunday, July 27, 2008

Dear Friends

To friends old and new, I am sorry if I neglected you this week. The cards of those I met at Blogher are burning a hole in my pocket.  I have been at the beach with limited internet access (or interest).  I will be making the rounds soon, to say hello and check in on your varied, fascinating lives.

Until then, proof that I really was away:

last day at the beach


  1. I read the Times' coverage of BlogHer in yesterday's edition. It was terrible! No mention of you or a picture. I've canceled my subscription forthwith!

    Hope you had fun! :)

  2. that looks like a good time.

  3. Thanks for visiting my Show & Tell.

    Your comments about the panel meant a whole lot.

    I can't get the Flickr photo to load.

    Babwa Wawa of The View

  4. Was great meeting you at Blogher!!! (btw - your photo isn't showing up). Enjoy the beach. I'm jealous!

  5. Thanks for letting me know it wasn't showing up. Better now?

  6. Fantastic!! Exactly where you should be!