Sunday, July 13, 2008

One Fine Week In July

A quick peek into a very busy week:
tire swing too
enjoying the park with a neighbor
through the wheat
Ada and Thing Three, picking their way through the wheat
up a tree
Kruger Farm has trees just the right size for climbing
pine state1
biscuits with friends old and new
Mike and Ann in firefighter panelsAda in firefighter panel1
Plus, a trip to the firehouse museum
Firefighter in firefighter panel1
the firehouse's resident fire-fighter/historian
then some time at the park
Bacon face
and the rest of the bacon from the biscuit
Berry girl
a trip to the farmer's market for berries and carnitas tacos
Birthday Boy
Monkey Boy's 4th birthday celebration
Go by bike
Dance Party Rest Stop
Donuts and more Donuts
and a night bike ride that had us up late into the night,
with stops for movies, a dance party and DONUTS!


  1. dang, you are livin' it.

    i want to pitch a tent like that, make biscuits and go for a bike ride in the dark.

  2. I thought that said. Pine Stale Biscuits!! Or better yet.. Fine Stale Biscuits??

    Don't you thinks some fonts have gone too far.

    I dunno isn't this summer thing really spectacularly good with the small people.

  3. If you ate those biscuits, all would be forgiven font-wise, MoWo.

  4. (un)relaxeddad7/15/2008 9:23 AM

    Summer would be perfect bar school holidays...Though after several days of incessant rain, the weather today finally enables me to look at those photos as inspiring of ideas rather than jealousy!