Friday, November 02, 2007

Stumptown Ladies Sing This Song

One of the benefits of starting this blog, and of reading other people's blogs, has been meeting some fantastic people. I started to worry a bit when several people who I first met through their blogs stopped posting. I am still friends with them in real life, but I started to wonder whether I had a similar super-power to that my friend Jiro years ago learned he possessed. In Jiro's case, his special power was making women drop out of college. Each of the women he dated in college dropped out. Not one or two, either, but he dated five women while the women were in college, and each left school during or after their relationship with him. In retrospect, he realized he'd had a chance to use his power for good, if only he'd known what to do. You see, while Jiro did not attend the same college as she did, he was in college in the same city as Monica Lewinsky, at the same time. Just think, if he'd dated her while she was a college student, she'd have dropped out, which would have likely made it impossible for her to get an internship in the Whitehouse, thereby changing the course of history!

But it is too late to think about that. And I took you on this entertaining little digression only because, as I mentioned, I started to worry that I possessed a similar power, making bloggers stop writing just by becoming friends with them. But then I became friends with Debbie, who in addition to being a real-life nice person and funny, smart girl, is a fantastic writer in the best kind of stream-of-consciousness way. Her writing is hilarious and poignant within the same breath-taking paragraph, digging deep to offer truths about her darker corners while leavening a post with references that stretch your brain and make you cackle with recognition. This is a woman who, even when she wants to stop writing, can not, and for that I am very glad.

The Original Perfect Post Awards - Oct And this wisp of Portland fantastic-ness, she nominated me for a Perfect Post award. The post she honored, about not being pregnant, was written from a moment of darkness. Talking about light in that post was a form of self-therapy, an attempt to remind myself that the despair I felt on that day would lift. Thankfully, it lifted, and faster than I would have imagined. Just as I was moved that people responded with support and condolences, I am honored that the post meant enough to Debbie that she bothered to make her feelings known. Thank you Debbie, it means a lot to me.


  1. again, I feel disabled re: using my words, in reference to your post, so thanks.

    thanks a lot.

    (I actually mean it, even if I am totally being sarcastic at the same exact time as meaning it.)

    and thanks, also, for such a lovely respite at your home this evening. the wine was so nice, the fire was total art (kudos, Chris), and the conversation was bliss.

    grassy ass.

  2. (un)relaxeddad11/04/2007 5:23 AM

    There was a woman at my workplace, now retired, who used to have the same power with younger female student advisers. They'd arrive, be mentored by her and head off on maternity leave 18 months later, regular as clockwork. We even started to call the guest seat in her office the "Pregnancy Chair".

    And congrats on the award :)

  3. oh, are in portland...isn't stumptown a coffee joint? my dear brother and sister in law live there and i can't help but feel a cozy little warm spot thinking of them

    now i know that portland is a big place, jsut feeling connected in a new way...

    unless i am wrong, but even then i thought of them.

    so glad you are where you a heart and spirit way.

  4. you'll have to share her with me sometime, you know!

  5. I adore both you and Debbie.

    Both of you are "perfect" to me.