Monday, March 26, 2007

In the mean time...

I am working on several real posts, including one responding to Mother-Woman's call for me to participate in the "real moms" meme, a post with some navel gazing, and some other stuff. But today I am working, and I really need to prepare for a presnentation. Plus I have to finish putting together a hagaddah for passover at my house next week. And there is some gardening to do. And I found some cool things to stencil. So here's what you get instead of real writing: thanks to a cool tool from dumpr I can seem my photos hung in museums!

It looks like they have some other interesting toys as well. Worth checking out.

Oh, and while I am sharing, I thought I'd tell you that while there is a ton of great stuff on youtube for kids (Ada continuously asks for the Sesame Street segment in which a girl takes her llama to the dentist), the following SS animation made her cry. She did have a fever at the time, but even in a healthy state, it is kind of sad and scary. Chris cried too, when I told him about the video and Ada's response.

Thanks for hanging in there while I procrastinate ruminate.


  1. that dumpr thing is wicked cool. (so cool it makes me want to use archaic language, apparently.)

  2. You could have tagged your photo with "Real moms believe their children are a work of art."

    She is!

  3. gawd that something blue is pithy.

    waiting. bated breath.. no pressure.