Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Headless Chicken, that's me

At work today I took a wee break to read I Obsess (the current Mother Of The Week over at Crazy Hip Blog Mamas) and noticed she had a perfect post. So I jumped over to Petroville to see who else I should check out this month. Um, apparently ME. The thoughtful and ceaselessly positive Mother-Woman nominated my post about my concerns that my human fountain status will scar my child. My heart skipped a beat. Thank you, Mo-Wo. From you that means a lot.

After a moment of shock, I turned into the proverbial headless chicken, clicking insanely as I thought: "I've got to email Mo-Wo to say thank you" "wait, I'll post something on my blog" "no, email, no..."

Deep breath. "Go back to work" was my eventual decision. But now at home I can smile and say: Thanks! It is nice to be thought well of. And check out this month's Perfect Post awards - I'm in amazing company.


  1. hi there. it's me - the californian googler. i wanted to pass along the other blogs i am faithful to...should i email them to you? or spread the word? well, i guess spreading the word is what your post is sort of about.


    and i love yours too! that last picture of ada is amazing...the one where she's having fun with the big swing.

  2. hey! congratulations! that was a great post. beautifully honestly written. and deserving. cry on sistah!

    btw, my supersecret blogger codeword was "qwyazz" which, in street language, could easily read as a translation for "cryers," no? or, i guess, "choirs." but still.

  3. Hi Kath! It was great to see you this weekend. I forgot to tell you that I am still thinking about your film. Several scenes have stuck with me.

    Thanks for the links, I will check them out.

  4. nonlinearpapa9/07/2006 9:12 AM

    Hey NLG: the link to I Obsess needs fixin.

  5. Congrats!

    I'm so glad that Mother-Woman recognized your words because I had missed that one. It was too good to miss!

  6. Well done, NLG! I'm glad Mo-Wo nominated that post. I truly enjoyed it.

  7. I'm a big fan of that post. It's impossible to disguise our true natures with our children, and anyway, why would we? I think that flying your flag of fountainocity is refreshingly human. A quality I'm sure your daughter will aspire to. After all, you're setting an excellent example.

  8. Your blog is so interesting/well written and nice to see acknowledged..

    I especially like this post.. for its postliness... The comments made it irresistible for my nomination of the
    post it touched me in a way that had me thinking.. ah this is just between me and you... then there are dozen of similar (AND different) [interesting] thinkers on the same subject.

    Surprised me, that... and showed the value of reading all these blogs, hey.