Friday, August 18, 2006

What the hell are you doing?

Or - That's not the last time we see that face.

Before we were People With Kids, Chris and I used to dance. We started slowly, taking a swing dance class as preparation for the numerous weddings we were attending one summer. After a couple of lessons we realized it was really fun. We kept at it, taking more lessons and going out to clubs to dance. We do not dance a lot these days, but we still grab the odd chance to stretch our legs when we can.

Earlier this week Ada and I came home to find Chris working in the back yard, music blaring from the kitchen CD player. Once we were all inside, Chris started dancing. I joined him as Ada looked on. After a couple of minutes of twirling around the kitchen I looked over at Ada, who was regarding us suspiciously. She was giving us a "Who do you think you are, contestants on 'So You Think You Can Dance'?" look. And then she started to cry.



  1. Yeah, daughter hates it when I sing to myself. Last week, she actually ran up to me and covered my mouth with her hand. I knew I was bad but I had no idea that I was THAT bad.

  2. I don't know how old your daughter is, but chances are she just was startled! She didn't recognize you doing that - I mean - you looked like regular people, not her parents.

  3. Maybe she was welling up with emotion, overcome by the poetry of your dance. Maybe?

  4. har. maybe she was jealous? I'm sort of kidding, but a little bit not kidding. maybe she was frustrated by her current inability to move so smoothly, in so coordinated a fashion?

    (you may or may not be feeling as frustrated as we are around here with the lack of language; I make up reasons as to why I think my son has such random fits. I'm sure I'm way off, but at least it makes *me* feel better.)

  5. what an amazing evening. i would love to dance more we took one class together in college and that was about the end of it.

    she will grow to love seeing the two of you dance together.

  6. oh sweet baby! why the tears? was it all just too much?
    that is a cute little tale.

  7. Such a sweet two dancing and Ada sobbing....
    Great post

  8. One of my favorite images of my parents is them dancing in the kitchen. Keep it up. Her appreciation of your dancing will grow.

  9. One of my favorite memories is of my parents dancing (often) in the living room. I used to think it was the dorkiest thing ever but when I grew up I thought...that is exactly what a want. The kind of guy that will dance with me in the living room.

    Keep on dancing, sweetie!