Friday, August 04, 2006

There goes mother of the year.

(Like that isn't the most common title for a post by a parent blogger.)

In any case, here's why I won't be winning any awards this year:

Impressively, this bruise is brought to you not by my parental neglect or carelessness. Ada managed her slip, crash!, scream, bruise just by misjudging the distance of a step. Luckily she was just starting to climb the steps when she smashed her head. And the injury? Yeah, it's no broken bone,* but the thud, followed by momentary silence and then ear piercing screams offered me one of those early glimpses into the sure knowledge that even when you are doing everything you know how to do, you can't always protect your child from getting hurt. Good lesson for mom, I guess.

The weird thing is that while Ada will wail ceaselessly if I put her down in order to (gasp!) make her breakfast, within 20 seconds of the head bonk, she had stopped crying and gone back to playing at the park. Plus, after I took that evidence photo, I snapped these pictures of her:

Ada's self-imposed pain has not taught her anything. At least, it has not taught her to lay off the boy-bashing. (If she's this good at it now, oh what a sophomore year in college she'll have!) On Saturday she whacked my friend's son Leo in the head with a plastic shovel. Today she moseyed up to Monkey Boy, who was happily investigating his mother's orange clogs. Neither Ellen or I saw how it happened, but there was a thud, and Monkey Boy was pretty unhappy. Unhappy enough that it almost made Ada cry. Which seems like a good sign. If she is developing even a shred of empathy, there is hope after all.

*I inserted that reference to MU not because I think Kristin is anything less than a stellar mother. I think she's great - one of those people who admits she's not perfect and is cosciously trying to improve her already impressive credentials in areas mom and non-mom. I inserted it because I knew that if I didn't, she'd stop by and comment that since nothing was broken I might still be in the running.


  1. Ha. Yeah. It sucks to not get that award. However, I'm not expecting it any time soon.

    I'm glad to hear she's okay. :)

  2. yeah ds spent a lot of time between 1 and 2 looking like a unicorn wanna-be. Now (at 3) it's the lips. Always a fat lip. I guess he's been looking up when he crashes now... I'm glad your babe is faring well :) Hope she heals up soon!

  3. Every time that WB bonks her head I mentally smack myself (bad mother bad mother) because a head bonk usually happens when I have been neglecting her to, um, blog. Or something.

  4. Yes, pumpkinpie had a nasty bonk that necessitated a 48-hour concussion watch (oh, the hell) a couple of months back. Can't be helped unless we plan to pad the world.

    BTW, thanks for dropping by and commenting - love new people!

  5. You know Kristen too wall, hahaha.

    george had some huge bumps on his face too, right before we went to a wedding. Everyone as saying "Oh my god! What happened to his face?!" It was really annoying. I was like- um- he is learning to walk, he falls sometimes.

  6. you know, no matter how desperately we try to prevent the knocks, they happen.

    isn't that just piss?

    and, what is it that those people (you know, the ones who are always talking) say about life? being a bitch? yeah.

  7. oh Miss A has been insuring that i will not get that award this week. she is getting all sorts of bumps and black spots all over her face. i think it has something to do with this whole new walking thing. just yesterday while i was in the kitchen making her breakfast and she was playing with the plastic drawer she slipped. it was quite the fall, her foot stepped on a lid and she fell forward into the open drawer hitting the bridge of her nose. it is quite the site. but what can we do, i feel like i am always watching out for her and when i turn for a minute...

  8. That is a doozy of a bruise. As the saying goes "what doesn't kill us, makes us stronger." We should have some super babies!