Tuesday, June 13, 2006

No rest for the snotty

Ada is sick again (hence the early posting). Why oh why does a sick child wake up EARLIER than normal? I mean, other than to sneeze on me, which is of course a bonus at 4am. Chris got up to soothe the beast at some time after 3. I momentarily woke up, but fell back asleep when I saw that he was up. By 4 I woke up for real, as whatever valiant efforts he was making were not convincing the Maven of Mucus to shut her eyes for a little longer. I nursed Ada in bed and then tried to replace my nipple with a nuk for a bit more shut-eye for all. Nope. So here we are. 4:30 am and the gal is reorganizing her toys and smiling sweetly at me. I'd love to be as eloquent and erudite as HBM on as little sleep, but that is just not going to happen. Hell, I'm not that clever with a full night of rest. My only hope is that by 6:30 Ada will want a nap and we can both sleep.


  1. I have cried like a, er, baby when Q doesn't sleep. I feel your pain. I hope it gets better soon.

  2. sorry to hear it. we've had some terrible nights and mornings around here too. i wish you all well and rested quickly!

  3. mmm. The Dark Lord of Mucous strikes again.

    May your dealings with him be short and swift.

    and good luck on the sleep thing.

    (and how is it possible that HBM could be so blindingly bright after all the no-sleeping? 's not fair.)

  4. There is no hell like sick baby. Have been there. Is worse than ordinary sleep-resistance.

    Feeling for you, girl. Feeling for you.

    (And. Love that you all like the sleepless stream-of-consciousness that I spewed up. But it *was* a bit messed up. I ended with a phallic carrot skewered with a butcher's knife. My Husband didn't sleep for a few nights.)