Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Anyone need a pair of size 6 boots?

I'm having a shoe crisis. For years I have had a pair of workhorse Nine West mary janes. Nine West used to have a "cloud nine" line; their comfort line, which they discontinued at some point. Bastards. 'Cause get this, they were actually comfortable. This pair of much-abused mary janes still are comfortable, but they are starting to fall apart. I love these shoes, but it is getting a little embarrassing to wear them to work meetings. So I started shopping around for replacements. I can't find anything I like that is comfortable and good looking in an appropriate-for-work-yet-still-fun kind of way.

While surfing around for this mythical pair of comfy work heels, I saw a pair of boots online. Enzo Angiolinis, which I like. I once found a great pair of cool brown heels that are Enzos - also pretty comfy now that I think of it - on a business trip to Kansas City. Yes, Kansas City, who knew? (Actually, I should not be that surprised. I've often found good things in smaller cities. I bought a great vintage coat - red wool, with black faux fur collar - in Cincinnati.)

Back to the boots: Originally $170, they were on sale for $50. I could not refuse such a bargain. Who cares that we are in our low income part of the year right now? (Dumb university, paying Chris a 9 month salary.) I needed these boots. I mean, my winter boots are getting a little old, and I am all about planning ahead... So, I clicked, I entered numbers, I bought the boots. I barely glanced at the confirmation email, tapping my fingers impatiently for the box to arrive.

The box showed up this afternoon. Inside, as you may have guessed, is a lovely pair of size six boots. Unfortunately, I wear size nine. Crap. NOW I take a peek at the email. Yup, it says they are sending me a pair of size sixes. How could I not have noticed this when I ordered the boots? How could I have ordered size six? I am obsessive when I order online, checking and rechecking the details before I hit that last "finalize order" button. Going back to the web site I now see that they ONLY have size six. Crap crap crap. And now I am wondering how I could have ordered and not have entered nine as the size. I would have noticed if only one size was available. I'm going to offer them to my petite pal Ellen, but if she declines and you are small footed (and want to come pick them up), maybe we can work out a deal.


  1. Oh dude, that sucks. You can't return them for any sort of credit?

    I too am having a shoe crises but never seem to get around to rectifying the situation so am stuck wearing the same pair of black sandals for the past 4 years. If I step in a puddle they squeak for days. I'd take you up on your offer since I am the owner of a set of freakishly small feet (people are surprised I don't topple over at my height) but heels are my nemesis. Even comfy looking ones like those. Plus I don't think I can come pick them up seeing's how I'm up in the Great White North.

    Good luck on the shoe hunt. If I come across some cool size 9's I'll think of you.

  2. I wish I wore a six, those are fab.

    I ordered online once and didn't pay attention to the confirmation page that had saved information from a previous order and shipped off L's halloween costume to my old addres. I had to leave them a note begging them to contact me so I could come pick it up. Luckily they kept the package unopened and I got it in a few days. Lesson learned.

  3. I am going to return them. I was just annoyed. No more buying shoes online for me. I want to see the shoes on my feet first.

  4. oy. if *only* I wore an adorable shoe-size that teeny-tiny. I'm a size 9, too.

    bummer. I could really go for a fetching pair o' cute like those.

    (prolly about the same sentiment you have on the subject.)

  5. Well, if you want a shoe-shopping buddy, I'm able to make myself available at any time. ANY time. Yessiree. Mmmmhmmm.

    I'm all for heels, and wear them pretty much all the time. The ones you picked are fantastic...sorry about the size.

  6. Yeah. I can't buy shoes online. It sucks since I live in shoe purgatory - however, it's just best.

  7. I've found comfy yet workable shoes from Clark's Indigo line. I just did a web search and came up with a lot that are neither cute nor work appropriate, but there are some.

  8. Aww sad. I miss that cloud nine too.