Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Have you heard the one about the girl who walks into a milk bar?

Tonight while nursing, Ada was laughing.

The laughs were little, as if Ada was responding to a joke she liked but had heard before. They were like the fakey, almost coughing laughs that she uses to get people to smile and coo at her. This hammy, "pay attention to me because I am adorable and hilarious" ploy works well for her, especially with strangers. Until now, this laugh was always directed at someone. But last night, in the dusky light of her room, Ada was laughing at my breasts. Or was she? Although I'm no Salma Hayek, no one has ever complained. So maybe she was trying to be friendly. Weird she'd start with the charm campaign now. She should have figured out that I'm pretty accomodating. My breasts don't need to be won over or amused in exchange for a good dinner.

While listening to Ada laugh and nurse, I started thinking about kids and humor. I realize Ada is a bit young for jokes, but since I am a big fan of corny humor (especially jokes based on word play, with bonus points for bar jokes) I can only hope that she'll share my love for this kind of humor. I'm even looking forward to the day she starts to understand the structure of a joke without really getting what makes something funny. I love jokes told by 4 year olds, who seem to specialize in "knock knock" jokes. I am completely charmed by a chid who busts out with "knock knock!".

"Who's there?" I ask.

"Spinach!" (child laughs hysterically, prompting adult laughter at the child's obvious glee in making a good "joke".)

Ada is only 7 months old and I am already anticipating the day she busts out with her own dadaist knock knock. I just hope it is about breasts.


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