Thursday, February 02, 2006

Coffee and bagels and kid toys, oh my

Aarin and I met at Urban Grind yesterday, with kids in tow. I am in love. Despite an inauspicious beginning (I turned down 22nd, only to notice that all the cars were pointed the other direction. Didn't notice the "ONE WAY" sign before then.) it was a great outing. The staff were friendly, the coffee was good, they had bagels for adults and animal crackers for kids. Ok, so the bagel was not a good bagel in the strictest sense, but it was fine and I was hungry. The cafe is huge, with tons of room for tables and couches, including a spacious corner for kids that included toys and chalkboards. H spent a good amount of time bringing toys to Ada, which she happily gummed. A and I checked out the other kids, who checked out one another and roamed the room happily. Looks like they have free wi-fi too.


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