Monday, October 11, 2004

Of course you are

7:30 appointment today, plus likely one tomorrow and the next day as well. So, no carpool and I will be late to the first day of Leadership Academy. Oh well.

My closest grad school friend is coming into town tomorrow for work. We missed one another by phone yesterday, so I called her on my drive down from pdx after my appointment. She told me she is 3 months pregnant. Of course she is. I knew she and her husband were trying, but the timing is tough for me. I was loving and supportive, saying I thought it was great (which is true, I think she and her husband will be great parents, plus they are huge like us and will help populate the world with tall tall people). She said she knew this might be hard for me and appreciated my support. She basically said that if the positions were reversed she wasn't sure she'd be able to be as supportive. Interesting, and probably true. I told her that I am very upset about how long and hard this road is for me, but I also know that her being pregnant doesn't make me less so.

I felt sad when we talked, but now feel ok, if a bit weepy. Her news was a trigger for my tears, but I'm not feeling worse than my usual weepyness these days. I am glad she told me by phone rather than waiting to tell me in person. This way, when I cried I could still sound (and actually, be) happy for her. In person all she would notice is that I was welling up.


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