Tuesday, October 05, 2004

I love hormone injections

Let’s see, where are we?

I’m up to three injections a day. I’ve got lots of little bruises from the needles, making me worry what I’ll look like when I start the progesterone injections (18 gauge needles instead of the tiny ones I’m using now).

I’ve got a headache most of the time from the meds. I’m cranky cranky cranky.

Today was my second ultrasound/blood draw to see how the follicle stimulating meds are working. One ovary looks good, the other is a little slow – Dr Lee says maybe he’ll up my dosage.

My appointment was at 9:30, but I went in early and got out of there by 9:30. I got to work by 10:20 and made it to a meeting that was going on all day. My desk is a horror show, I am not up on all my reading, but when I get to my desk I just want to cry and run away. At home I just want to sleep.

On the up side, I also had a follow-up on my breast tenderness problem with the obgyn. I’ve had no pain for a week or two, she felt nothing weird, confirming her view that it was fibrocystic changes and totally normal. Yay! Plus, she said my outfit was cute.

* * * *

Oh - the doctor's office called. My lab results are back - my estradol is at 45. (Crap - WHY don't I carry that book on ivf around everywhere? If I had it I could look up what that means. Instead I foolishly carted in a book of essays by people who have dealt with infertility, some help THAT is today.) So, Dr. Lee says its time to change my meds. (Did I mention that the drugs have already cost me $3,000?) I didn't even ask what the Repronex is going to cost.

Yes, time to add another drug - Now I've got 225 IUs of Gonal-F in the morning (up from 150), continuing the 10 units of Lupron at night, and substituting 3 vials of Repronex (an HMG) for the nightly 150 of Gonal-F.

Both Repronex and Gonal-F are follicle stimulating hormones, which are supposed to make my follicles nice and plump. I stay on the Lupron to keep me from ovulating, but at a lower dose than before - I dropped it to 10 on Friday after my appointment - the doc said I looked sufsuppressed supressed on the ultrasound and my blood test apparently agreed. I decided not to argue about whesuppressed supressed.

Chris is picking the drugs up for me this afternoon.


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