Thursday, May 06, 2004

Cranking up

Man am I a crank-ass today.

I was feeling great for days. Friday we had a great time with E and J. We went out to dinner and sat outside in the warm night eating wonderful food. Saturday I was so happy to go to the farmers' market, spend some time at reed, hang out at a bbq and hear Split Lip Rayfield play.

Sunday was fine too, with garden puttering, etc. Even Monday was good, as I was busy at work and felt so productive.

Tuesday was ok until the evening. C and I went to the all-faculty end-of-year dinner. We sat with some of C's colleagues, including this prof who is pregnant. While I can be happy for friends who are pregnant, I find myself getting very annoyed and crabby about other pregnant women. How DARE she be pregnant again when I can't conceive once? Not very loving and open of me.

Speaking of not very loving and open. I haven't congratulated candace on her new baby.


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