Saturday, October 26, 2013

October 25, 2013: Family and Fall

This week's shabbat thankfulness:

Mira, in full fall mode. Same outfit as summer, but with a hat. 

Ian: I'm thankful for my family.

Lucy (our neighbor and favorite 5 year old): I'm thankful for my family and my school and my teacher.

Mira: And your sister!

Lucy: No, I said my family.

Mira: For my family and shabbat.

Nora: For kids sharing and for the visitors Papa and I saw this week. And for the authors' tea at Ada's class.

Chris: That we got to see friends from afar and the nice fall weather.

Ian: For my two pumpkins!

We are also thankful that we got to see Chris's cousin and his wife this past weekend.

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