Friday, March 09, 2012

What good is having a blog if you can't post about your successes?

On Thursday, Oregon's Governor Kitzhaber signed House Bill 4164 into law. Last summer the Legislature passed a bill authorizing Oregon's exchange to be built, but the legislation included a requirement that the Exchange team return in February to get approval for its Business Plan. We did that and both chambers voted overwhelmingly to pass the bill that accepted the plan and put the Exchange team fully on the road to opening our doors in October of next year. The Governor signed the bill in a formal ceremony that felt a bit like a family reunion, as among the politicians and key stakeholders were a couple of dozen people with whom I have worked for the past half-decade. It was great to be able to smile together and marvel that we have gotten so far. 

Gov with Sen Monnes-Anderson & Rep Kotek

It was a good day.

The bill is signed

There was cake, signed by the Governor no less!

Cake, signed

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