Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I was fiddling with some piece of my blog the other day, and clicked over to the color photos page. Scrolling slowly through the pictures, I felt something unexpected: pride. Not only are these photos that I like, but I feel good about them as a photographer. In fact, this is one of the things I am most proud of from 2010. I feel a little strange writing that, given that I know so many fantastic photographers. But what is honest is that while not always as technically perfect as others' work, my photographs strongly reflect my personality and point of view. Looking at these color photos gives you a little glimpse at how I see things. I have the urge to explain the me in each picture, but I will let explanation go for today.

Jan 2: Orange Dining Room Wall
January (Orange)

Feb 7: Gray Sky
February (Gray)

March 3: Brown Head
March (Brown)

April 21: Pink Petal on Crocodile
April (Pink)

May 24: Purple Flip Flop
May (Purple)

Black Eyed Susans
June (Black)

Despite my good feelings about this project and my pictures, photography is something I have mostly put aside as the demands of work and family press on me in mostly wonderful (but still noticeable) ways. I want to pick up my big heavy camera and wander the streets or chase after the little oddities I see. (Strangely, the documentary Exit Through The Gift Shop kind of intensified that urge. If you have not seen it I urge you to check it out.)

I still have the eye, but I don't have the time. I have been limited to doing what I can with the iphone camera (and its wonderful apps), but I still yearn for more camera time. I have decided to buy a 50mm lens with some birthday money that came my way and was a little sad I hadn't already gotten one in time to take to SF last weekend. No matter. (But if you use a nikon slr and have a 50mm you like, tell me about it. I am still looking.)

July 31: Farmers Market Berries
July (Red)

August 10: Green Peas
August (Green)

September 11: Gouged and Yellow Painted Letters
September (Yellow)
October 16: Abandoned Blue Pacifier
October (Blue)

November 4: White Fiberoptic Lamp at Ikea
November (White)

By the way, I didn't forget December. This was always envisioned as an 11 month project, as I figured I might be kind of busy in December. Good thing I didn't have any sense of how busy, or I might never have started this. 

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