Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Park, Preserve, Park

One day I will have stuff to say, maybe after I drop Ada off at kindergarten on Friday (YES, school does not start for Portland kindergarteners until FRIDAY. Pathetic.) In the mean time, some shots from our wanderings this weekend (park, nature preserve, park). I am just sad I don't get any photos of the amazing al fresco Japanese feast Ellen made for us on Monday night. Happily, I did take pictures at the lovely impromptu Labor Day bbq lunch we enjoyed at Mike and Steven's (grilled pineapple!). Both of which make me love my friends and neighbors and want to cry that we are near the end of the summer (as evidenced by the torrential rain that coincided with veggie pick up on Tuesday).

Oh, guess I did have some things to say.

On to photos:

Tire Swing
My big girl.

Mira and Watermelon
Never have a bummer with...watermelon.

ian stop action
Chris thinks this is the shot Ian should use to apply to become a J Crew model. 

Mira in the Park

Face First Down the Slide
for Ian, it is face first down the slide, always

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