Sunday, August 29, 2010

Okay, Indulge just a FEW more pictures

The set up: look, blue sky!
A little family photo from right before I messed up the larger family picture.

I took several full family photos with the timing (note to self, next time bring the remote!). Sadly, before I realized that they were fairly blown out, the kids and adults all decided they were done with photo time. You can see a couple of them here, which range from more blown out to more crazy looking participants (eyes shut, arms flailing, etc). Oh well, better luck next year.

Anthony and the kite
Anthony flying Ada's kite

Fancy Girl and Seahorse
Ada with my glasses and her new seahorse 

Can you see how high we climbed?
Ada enthusiastically climbed the huge sand dune four times

more sunset
One of a few really lovely sunsets
What these pictures do not express is how much I love my family. I really enjoyed the week, and as I told my sister when we returned to Portland, I was only sad that I had not gotten more. I am greedy for their time, and want as much of it as I can have. Even though Karen, Anthony and my parents live only a state away, there is never enough time. I often want to paraphrase that line from Where the Wild Things Are: I'll eat them up, I love them so. 

It is nice to have these reminders of how lucky I am to have such a great family, and occasionally even the time to enjoy them.

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