Monday, August 02, 2010

Naked, But Not Here

Many of you know and love Gwen, of Not Really. I met her when she graciously agreed to let me be a third wheel room-mate at Blogher '08. It was actually quite kind of her, given that all she knew about me was that I was friends with Debbie and needed a place to stay. I can only imagine that she was disappointed when she learned that (unlike Debbie-of-the-amazing-wardrobe) I did not arrive with my entire fantastic shoe collection, and had packed not a single wig. (Really, what was I thinking?)

Lucky for me, Gwen is very kind. Also lucky for me, she is funny. Really super funny in a wonderful dry way. With the arch of one eyebrow she had me in stitches. I am afraid I did not leave her alone the whole weekend. And yet, in her desperation to find people to blog-sit while she went on vacation, she asked me (and a bunch of other women with whom I am glad to be even tangentially affiliated) to write a guest post. And today is the day my post appears on her blog. So go visit! Look, it's me, naked. Or rather, it is me talking about naked.

Given that Gwen, when she is not traveling the U.S. on her summer tour, currently lives in Zurich, I considered titling this teaser post Live N--de Swiss Girls but I decided that would get me too much skeezy traffic. As it is, I saved this post about kids-n-naked until I could write about it someplace other than here.

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