Sunday, July 18, 2010

The world is my video game, I shall not want

Looking down at Ian, I told Chris, "he is close to defeating that." ("That" being a small table we've put in front of our mess of internet and stereo cords, rather than actually finding a way to hide them away for good.)

It was at that moment that it hit me: the world is Ian's video-game.

Ian spends a good part of each day climbing face first over the couch and chair arms, making a circuit around the living room. Now things are set to get worse. Ian's learned to walk. Lucky for us, he isn't in full out run mode yet. He can stand up on his own, and can stay up for a while (especially if he has something in his hands). He can take a few steps on his own, and happily crab-walks if Chris or I holds his hands. But he's not yet asking for help walking, or wandering around on his own.

We aren't pushing him down when he stands, but we aren't actively encouraging this walking thing either.

Ian on the Swing 
We do occasionally try to distract him with the swings.

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