Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sun, Sun, Sun, Here it Comes?

In an ongoing attempt to make sure Chris and I get to do fun things together (sometimes even without children!) I signed us up for a 30 mile bike ride. We considered taking Ada with us, but I decided I didn't want to pull her for 30 miles, and I guess Chris felt the same. So on Saturday we'll be cruising along scenic byways, enjoying the great outdoors with thousands of our closest friends other biking enthusiasts. The kids will be hanging out with their grandparents, who have let us know that they think they are getting the good end of the bargain. 

If the weather holds, this should be a great ride. The ride's web site promises the 30 mile course is "a very flat, scenic course that is a gorgeous way to get out and experience riding" in the country. (This is in contrast to the 60 and 100 mile courses, which are a bit hillier.) Did I mention if the weather holds this will be a lovely day? Because all month it has been raining and raining and raining here. The forecast shows a 60% chance of rain for Saturday. 

Guess we'll be packing some extra dry clothes for after the ride. At least there is beer at the end of the ride.

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