Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Princess Process

The other day after dinner Ada and I were outside drawing with chalk. She told me to make a queen while she made a princess. Her princess started out fairly simply:

Princess - 1

But as with most things, the original "finished" product was deemed in need of some tweaking.


I understand the addition of a crown. (By Ada's thinking, it isn't even really a princess at all if there is no crown.) The bumps, which may be six toes but are more likely bumps on the bottom of the shoe, make less sense to me.


We had been talking about someone we knew who had freckles, so the princess got some too.


The final product, with freckles, a spotted dress and a bouncy floor on which to walk. Not sure if the latter is completely wise, given the high heels. The heels, by the way, are mandatory for Ada-created royalty. All her princesses get them, and when I failed to put heels on my chalk queen, she came over and added them for me. It made all the difference.

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