Sunday, May 23, 2010

So, that went well

We had THREE birthday parties this past Saturday. Nine-thirty, one-thirty and three o'clock. In between I picked up a little and hung the bunting I made from various dotted scraps:

Bunting (dotty)

Friends came over. We ate, talked and then busted out the cake. Cake that Ellen made, chocolate with raspberry in the middle. It was beautiful, and surrounded by yellow roses.

Year One Cake

Ellen brought all but one of the candles. I am not sure how we ended up saving the candle from Ada's first birthday cake, but once Ada found it a couple of years ago she got very attached to it. She had it squirreled away and pulled it out when this cake arrived. She asked if we could put it on the cake. That seemed like a good idea to me.

This has been a hard year for Ada, in the way it is hard for any older sibling when a new baby or two comes along. We have had our rough moments, but for the most part she has done well. She is a great older sister to Mira and Ian. She takes good care of them. She plays with them, looks out for them and helps us do things for them. She is not always happy that our life together is not always about her, but she mostly accommodates these annoyances, at least after a fashion. Being a big sister is good for her, and she is really living up to the role.

And in any case, she knows a good excuse for cake when she sees one. 

Ian, ready for cake
When everyone gathered around the table, Ian was excited to see what was coming.

Cake Eater
Mira was by far the more enthusiastic cake eater of the pair.

Ian tasting frosting
Ian decided that cake was interesting, but maybe
not worth getting completely messy.

Mira, happy about cake
Mira had a slightly different perspective.

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