Friday, May 07, 2010

Infuriatingly Charming

On Tuesday morning Chris and I woke to Ian calling from his crib: "PAPA! MAMA! ADA!"

I am thrilled that Ian is starting to talk. I am also completely charmed that he was calling out to all three of us, no doubt with the hopes that SOMEONE would hear him and pick him up.

I was less excited about the fact that he was doing this at five in the morning.

After deciding to let him stay in bed for another hour, I fell asleep thinking how smart my boy is. He didn't call to Mira. No doubt he knew that she was a crib-bound as he is, and unlikely to help him.

boxed up


  1. Wow - that's super clever! Go Ian! But later on in the day. ;)

    Happy mother's day!

  2. That sounds quite early! Wonder if he'll go the route (eventually) of fixating on one and only one of you being suitable to get him up.