Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I am in a rut, blog-reading-wise. I have my favorites and my daily reads, but during the past year, when things were stretched and I didn't have time for blogs that didn't either make me laugh, cry or swoon on a regular basis, I dumped a bunch of the blogs I followed. Now I want some new ones, but have not had a ton of luck so far.

Can you help? Tell me two of your favorite blogs. (More if you are inclined, but at least two.) Also, why? Are they funny, beautiful, thoughtful, inspiring? I don't care if the authors are moms or not (or women or not). I read parenting, personal, crafty, photography and political blogs. The writing should be good or the pictures better be stellar. I need some new reads. (because I have so much extra time on my hands these days!) Right. Well, in any case, can you help a sister out?

Yay for my BIRTHDAY!
On the topic of new favorites, check out this great sweater Grandma Sally made for Mira. 
She made one in blues and green for Ian.

Edited to add: as long as I am asking for help, if you have any ideas for how to use approximately 50 billion leeks and six baby heads of napa cabbage, let me know that too, will ya? (I love leeks, but in the past week we've grilled, roasted and sauteed them, and a new load of them arrived tonight. Napa cabbage is so far not really in my repertoire.)

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