Monday, May 17, 2010

Dozer Day

While my parents were in town this past weekend, we went to Dozer Day with Ada and Monkey Boy. Dozer Day is exactly what it sounds like - a bunch of construction equipment is set up for kids to climb on (including giant Caterpillars with wheels as tall as me) and a whole mess of other equipment (mostly of the earth-moving type) into which kids could climb and "help" run with the aid of volunteer operators.

Holy Giant Wheel!

Of course, Monkey Boy would have been just as happy if we had just played in the dirt 20 yards from the entrance the whole time.

He could have stayed HERE all day

Lucky for the rest of us, we decided to branch out:

Fun to climb

After Ada and Ave checked out the monster Cat and other equipment, we hopped on a giant dump truck and rode up and around and down, bumping all the way. After grabbing some kettle corn, we got in line so that MB could help run a digger. Ada decided this was not for her, but yes she'd like some more of that kettle corn please. Later I found out that there was one line that allowed a parent and kid to join the operator in the machine cab. A neighbor's husband and son did that one, which would have been fun for me. I wonder if they would have let me on if Ada refused to go with me? (Next year)

Helping to Operate

MB, like every kid who sat with an operator running a digging machine, was completely stony-faced during the event. Afterward he came bounding back to us and seemed happy about the experience, but during he was completely serious.

Although she did not want to run a machine, Ada enjoyed getting inside an ambulance, sliding through giant pipes and crawling around, on and in super huge tires. Other than the kettle corn, I think this last bit was her favorite part.  

Peeking Out
Ada, hiding in a giant tire

By the time we left, the kids were wiped out. (So was I, for that matter.) As I took this last picture I started to worry that MB hadn't had a good time. There was no way to coax a smile out of him. Then I realized he wasn't upset, just so tired he could barely sit up. 

Scooped up (tired, end of day)
American Gothic, with Balloon

And yes, Ada wore her pink sparkly shoes all around Dozer Days. I was actually kind of surprised she did not insist on wearing a party dress. It would have made for some good photos!

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