Thursday, April 22, 2010

Take That! (or: Everyone Wins!)

To find out who won the growth chart, click here.

I have a few things for the rest of you too. I find these things, as I am sure you do, but who do I send them to? I can only send my sister so many emails titled look at this.

So instead, I say to you, LOOK AT THIS!

Quite possibly the best Star Wars movie ever. Even better, you can participate in making part of another of these. Click here to see how.

Months after I saw this, I am still horrified and amused by vajazzling. I suspected I was not alone, but now I have proof.

As a follow up to my recent "good animal" query, here's a reason you might not want to put Pandas at the top of your list.  (Thanks to @TheBloggess)

Another friend posted this on Twitter, and I think I am in love.


  1. Equally horrified by vajazzling.

    I read an article about it years ago and thought, "well, why would anyone bother doing THAT?!" And I went to art school and all, where we did tons of really weird stuff.

  2. I am totally vajazzled right now. I need that to get me through Finals Week. It really helps. Makes me feel all sparkly and content and beautiful.

    Oh, Jennifer Love Hewitt, I call BS on this vajazzling nonsense.

  3. That vajazzling twitter thing pointed me to a disco ball mirror bedecked penis last week.

    Do you think they eat the scanned sandwiches?

  4. Oh and PS, YOU'LL LIKE THIS:

  5. The sandwiches! That is awesome. I can't believe someone put ice cream on a scanner. Brilliant.