Monday, April 19, 2010

Sister Stand-off

Ada has made a lot of accommodations to life with Ian and Mira, but she still can't entirely wrap her mind around the fact that if she builds one of her patented structures out of furniture, toys and assorted boxes, the babies will want to touch, move or eat the various parts. 

Here is Ada trying to explain to Mira that she can't touch any part of Ada's construction:

Ada Telling Mira Not To Touch Her Set-Up

Mira, having had enough haranguing, retreated to the safety of the plastic container shelves:
Mira, decamped to the Plastics Cabinet

Ada, satisfied that she's held her siblings off for another day:
Ada, from the comfort of her tube tent

When Ian woke up, I took them all outside. I'll show you how that worked out in a few days.

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  1. Violet has been building a lot of shanties lately. I find her screaming at the cats to get out. I guess protecting the property is a necessary part of the play scenario.

  2. Dudelet has accomodated little elf a little more easily - now that's he's 6 and she's 2, she actually (to his amazement) does what he says. Though her tendency to do almost anything he says is a bit worrying.

    Photos are wonderful, especially Mira sitting there looking patient!

  3. That looks quite civilized. we're getting a lot of "NO NO NO NO!" shove!