Thursday, April 01, 2010

In like a lion, out like a lamb?

Brown collage

I love brown. Every time I am in a fabric store I find myself gravitating to patterns with a lot of brown. (A peek in my closet shows that I have tended to make myself skirts that are mostly or partly brown, despite having almost NO brown shoes.)

That said, shooting brown was harder than I would have thought.( I am pretty sure I will type this same sentiment every month.) If I had let myself just take pictures of trees, March would have been an easy month. And Portland does have a lot of wonderful trees. As it is, wood is the subject of 8 of my 31 brown photographs.

Actually, the whole month wasn't that hard, but around the 15th I was out of ideas and inspiration. By the time the end of the month came around I had found a bunch more things to love. Maybe that is just the way it will go with this project. In any case, I am hoping that April will be fun. As I was walking with the babies on Wednesday, I passed a deep pink azalea bush in bloom. I am not usually a huge fan of azaleas or rhododendrons, but the pink of these flowers just throbbed, and I thought "if April is pink, I have to come back and shoot these flowers." And, thanks to my trusty random number generator, pink it is. April in Portland should be a good month for pink. And even it rains all month and I never get outside, I can just sneak into Ada's room and take a picture of an item of her clothing each day. Doing that would actually take more than a month.


  1. Now I know what to do with my surfeit of brown thread!

  2. Love them all, especially that soulful dog!

  3. That's funny - I thought I remembered you having a surfeit (as if that's possible) of brown shoes. Was this once true, or am I misremembering? Love the photos, especially the beef cake pic of Ian.