Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Fun and Games

On days that I am home with the kids, I often take a shower after putting the babies in their beds for nap. Ada usually plays on my bed while I do this, and then we spend some time in my bedroom. Usually I try to take the opportunity to put things away or get other tasks accomplished, but after a while Ada generally asks me to play with her. This week she suggested we play a game she'd invented. The game consisted of me picking what she referred to as a "pattern" from somewhere in the room and drawing it so that she could guess what I had drawn. Unlike her requests for me to play with dolls or to read the same Amelia Bedelia book for the 5,000th time, this game was really enjoyable for me. I drew a bunch of things and Ada guessed. Sometimes she needed clues but sometimes she got the thing right away. It was interesting what was easy for her to find, and what stumped her; she found my drawing of a door knob  utterly perplexing, but got my sketch of wood grain pretty quickly. After a while Ada decided to draw for me, which was also fun (though a little confusing, as when she drew a bug she claimed to see on the wall of the next door neighbors' house).

This isn't one of the things we drew, but it is one of my favorite recent Ada-drawings.

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  1. What a charming game. We may adopt that one!

    When my son was about 2, he saw patterns everywhere, and would note a break in a pattern by saying, "Uh oh!" If the lines in a parking lot were faded, if one in a row of ceiling lights was out, if one of the slats on the blinds was bent or broken, he'd always say, "Uh oh!" I don't think he was disturbed; it was just all he could think to say when he noticed something like that. -- I should have given him paper so he could communicate with drawings!