Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Does it help to look away?

Two girls come scooting past me toward the bathroom. Ada yells out, "I have to use the potty!"

"Great" I say, just as the friend runs into the room saying, "me too! I have to go too!"

Ada (from the bathroom): "I really have to go NOW. You can pee on the carpet."

Jumping up, I run into the bathroom to tell the friend, "if you really need to go, you can come upstairs."

Friend: "No. I can wait."

Ada: "You can cross your legs and look away."


  1. ' you can pee on the carpet' ha ha ha, what a generous host! lol

  2. Pee on the carpet??? Oy.

  3. Makes perfect sense to me.

  4. Pee on carpet.
    You jumped up.
    This made me laugh out loud--for real, not for LOL.

  5. No, it's pee in the bathtub, plug your ears. Right?

  6. "You can pee on the carpet." This is just...oh my...wonderful. Snorted coffee all over myself, once again. Thank you! Ada for president, really now =)Amazing *g*