Sunday, March 28, 2010

Aaand, the flip side of my whinging is my waxing rhapsodic

Like Clara of The Cheeseblog, I love a good list. Inspired by her list-related post, I offer my why it was a great weekend list:

  • Most of the things on the long list of things I wanted to get done this weekend actually got done, including "make cake for passover" and "Ada goes biking" (but not "finish taxes").
  • When the nice man from the Democratic National Convention called and I told him that I was an impoverished state worker who has no money to spare, he said he hoped things got better for me and wished me a good weekend.
  • Fulfilling my commitment to myself to run errands by bike whenever possible, I pedaled Ada and myself to the store for strawberry starts, tarragon and bananas. Ada was a complete charm on our errand, which softened my heart to her pleas for fresh strawberries.
  • Ada and Lila helped me plant strawberries without arguing about who got the better plant or which hole each girl should get. They dug holes, planted the starts, found "cozy spots" for worms and got really excited by a centipede sighting.
  • The babies were adorable. Really stinking cute. They make one another laugh, which is beyond expectations at this point.
  • Chris took Ada on bike-riding trips to the park twice on Saturday. I am amazed that any 4.5 year old can ride a bike without training wheels, but in Portland it is apparently totally normal. 
  • While gardening I found the remote car door unlocker (what the hell is that called? keyless entry fob?) that I lost last summer. Even better - it still works!


  1. Now that's a productive weekend!

  2. AND, our BlogHer proposal was accepted! Wheee!

  3. Cosy spots for worms! Ace. If only little elf could get over her bug phobia and appreciate the wriggly adorableness of worms too.

  4. Hmm. I should plant strawberries...

  5. The last on the list must have been the icing on the cake. Ours broke last year and to replace it the Volvo people wanted $200!!!! Fortunately, I hadn't had it that long so transitioning back to having to walk around and unlock the car was no big deal. Great post!