Sunday, February 21, 2010

Nine, Nine, Doin' Fine

Mira:  crawling, in the traditional style
Ian:  commando crawling (arms only)

9 months
Yes, we used the baby gates for their outside time. 
You try to keep crawling twins from eating dirt and bugs and then judge us.

Ian:  definitely clapping. Favorite new game - clap twice, then look hopefully at nearest adult. Laugh and clap some more when adult starts clapping too.
Mira:  (maybe) waving, differently from the slow queen wave of a few months ago (I say maybe because she does a lot of hand stuff, but this looks like waving)

9 month Ian
Ian: not a big fan of wearing a hat

Mira: Pulling herself up on things, without regard to whether they'll hold her

Mira:  opposed to having her nose wiped
Ian:  opposed to having his nose wiped

Both Ian and Mira have settled into a routine, with the obvious changes when they are sick or annoyed. Ian likes to wake up around 4. Chris and I don't like this, and generally try to quiet Ian and then go back to bed until as close to 5 as we can muster. Some mornings this means that Ian complains in his crib for a half hour or more, but somehow Mira manages not to be disturbed by this. In fact, she is more likely to wake up once we've given in and taken him out of their room. Chris thinks it is because Ian acts as Mira's white noise machine, and his removal from the room leaves her without his soothing wails as background to her slumber. In any case, even when she wakes up around 5, she can often be coaxed back to bed until 6 or even 7. (This would be great if one of us wasn't already up with Ian.)

Ian and Mira turn 9 months on Monday. Tuesday is Chris's birthday. I suppose that means I should let him sleep in.


  1. It's nice that they are unanimous on at least one thing. Too bad that it's nose-wiping ...

  2. I love the idea of the gate outside - why did i never think of that?

  3. Do ANY children like to have their nose wiped?

    I see no shame in caging babies for their own safety. I had half a dozen gates in my house when Vi was an infant.

  4. Abel crawled normally, but Ilsa had this crawl where she'd stick one leg straight out behind her and drag herself by her arms. It was the most pitiful thing ever and could have earned us some good cash on any street in any developing country. You just looked at her and automatically fumbled for change!

  5. I'd totally cage up a baby or two outside if we didn't have 2 feet of snow.

  6. How are they 9 months old?

    Does this mean you'll be at blogher this year?

  7. Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I've been having lots of fun reading through some of your recent posts. You take beautiful photos.

    We used our Superyard outside too, so not judgement here. :)