Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Happy Days are Here Again

Mayberry Mom added me to her list of bloggers that make her happy, which makes me giddy with joy. (No really, reading her post made me very happy.)

Reading Mayberry's list got me thinking about what makes me happy these days. Some of what occurred to me:
  • They Might Be Giants' song Seven and jumping around singing "we want cake, where's our cake?" (while I'm at it, this is a great song too.)
  • Ada is potty trained. I know this happened months ago, but it still knocks me out. 
  • Coworkers who are also friends.
  • I get along so well with my parents and in-laws that I look forward to their visits. 
  • The just-ended stretch of sunny February days included a weekend. 
  • Good coffee and being able to have a second cup when I want to. 
  • A friend and I signed up for a series of plays this year, so I periodically get to the theater without having to think about whether or not a particular play will be "worth" it. 
  • The gray month of my current photo project is almost over.
  • Moving my huge rosemary plant freed up more room in the garden. I will be adding tarragon and cilantro to my herbs. 
  • Magpie Musing sent me two charming unsigned postcards before I thought to compare the handwriting with that of a card she'd taken credit for. (I couldn't read the postmark on either of the anonymous cards. What did you do, Maggie, bribe the post office?
Please join in. Comment with your happy lists, or post about this yourself. I want to know what makes you happy!


  1. I do love sending mail :)

  2. I'm loving the color of the month photo project!

  3. I would not put it past that Magpie to bribe the postal workers. You just never know.

  4. I have time for a very short happy list if little elf continues to be enthralled by 3rd and Bird.
    1) Reading a new book I've just bought and am excited by
    2) Little elf actually saying a sentence
    3) Taking a good photograph
    4) Sex (well, it's true!)
    5) Getting a comment from you :) You do great, thoughtful comments.
    6) Hearing something that sounds special
    7) Still getting excited about eh new album by x or y
    8) A bottle of wine that makes us both go "Oooh - we must buy this again."
    9) Chorizo

  5. I'm a bit late getting to this post (which doesn't make me happy), but I'm thrilled at the idea, and am going to do one myself.

    Thanks. Not enough being happy in our world these days, nice to hear someone focus on the positive.