Tuesday, January 05, 2010

We REALLY need to get some high chairs

I have been very resistant to getting high chairs for the babies. The one we had for Ada was a hand-me-down, and it was sort of on its last legs when we got it. Once she was able, we put Ada in a booster-style seat so she could sit at the table with us. By the time Ada was done using the high chair, I was thrilled to get rid of it.

We started feeding Mira and Ian before either of them were able to hold themselves in a seated position. It made sense to use the Bumbo chairs to prop them up while we fed them. They work pretty well, except that Mira has developed an annoying habit of leaning over to grab whatever she can reach. Before we can feed her we have to move everything out of the way (her reach is pretty impressive, given how little she is) and strategically place the food so that she can not get to it on her own. Plus, there is the whole problem that once I am faced with a baby sitting in a Bumbo (which is on the table) I can't just walk away to get more food. As Chris and I often feed the babies together, usually someone else is around if one of us needs to get up, but when I am by myself, the kids like to eat more than I have planned for.

This weekend Mira kept going for the spoon, so when I needed to smush up some more avocado, I let the kids distract themselves with the plasticware.

I & M eating 2

I & M eating 1


  1. We have a wooden high chair, but alas, it has no tray or anything and is just a chair you can push up to the table. If you want to borrow it, you can. Milo will be in his high chair until His Nibs decides to eat food that requires chewing. Maybe by the time he's 2???

  2. This weekend Mira kept going for the spoon, so when I needed to smush up some more avocado AND TAKE PICTURES, I let the kids distract themselves with the plasticware.

    Craigs List? Freecycle?

  3. High chairs take up so much space. I can't imagine trying to move around two of them in a kitchen. Have you seen those kind that hook on to the table? I think they market them for using in restaurants, but they work at home too.

    The babies are adorable, BTW.

  4. We use the Fisher Price space saving high chairs (http://www.fisher-price.com/fp.aspx?st=2002&e=demo&pid=35236) for the twins and they are great! They will turn in to booster seats later which is even better.

    BTW, my babies (especially Alex who has a long reach) are now reaching for everything as well. The other day they were lying on the floor next to each other when Alex reached over and grabbed Emily's binky from her mouth. It was really funny! He's not even that in to binkies!

  5. Maggie - at least from the angle you can see I was right in front of them!

    Kelly and Rebecca - space is EXACTLY the issue. Thanks for the link, Rebecca.

  6. While your pictures are always great (I'm not just sayin' that) these two have to be in my top 10. Had not thought about the high chair issue. I like the idea of the ones that attach to the table, but I would guess you'd have to put them on opposite ends of the table to balance. Again, lovin those baby pics!

  7. I love your photos. Every one of them.

  8. ikea has this simple, streamlined molded white plastic chair for around 25 dollars. You can use it with a tray or push it up the to talble. Easy to clean. We never had a high chair for our first two babies, but love it this third time around. brief periods of baby containment can make meals so much more relaxing.