Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Glipses of Pure Joy

Ada got a bicycle for Christmas. Santa got the credit, but Chris and I got to see Ada enjoying the bike, so it works out okay. She likes biking on the sidewalk, but gets a little nervous about going downhill. We decided to walk to our local elementary so that Ada would have a lot of space to ride around.

taking a spin

My favorite from the whole set

On the way home Ada asked if the training wheels come off. I told her they can, and asked if she would like to learn to ride without them. Yes. Yes she would.

These pictures do a lot to remind me why I wanted to be a parent.


  1. She looks so happy! My 6 year old STILL refuses to ride a bike. He's scared, and nothing we say will calm him enough.

  2. Exactly. This is exactly why I became a mother.

    Great shots!

  3. I think my kid has the same bike! She learned to ride w/o training wheels at age 5. My husband told her it would make a good birthday gift for me if she learned.

  4. Oh, Nora I hope things go better for you than they did when Ezra took the training wheels off at 7. It was a painful process that pushed me and Lori to the limit. However, it gave us another opportunity to experience that happiness that comes with growth and accomplishment.

  5. That is one happy kid. Sweet.

  6. In the second picture she looks like you. Normally I think she looks like Chris.
    Happy Girl!!!

  7. I don't know what's more awesome... the amazing expressions you captured on her face, or knowing I have this to look forward to in a few years.

    Thank you!

  8. C - Ada is very afraid of hills, and I try not to logic her out of that fear, but to let her do what she wants with the bike. It is hard!

    Michael - I imagine when we take the training wheels of there will be some stress for all of us.