Thursday, January 28, 2010

Craft Update (Lost and Found Edition)

Digging through old unused posts I found this from April 2009:

Despite being fairly well a slug these days (oh how I love being out of breath after a walk up the stairs!) I have managed to get a few things done. While Chris and his mother painted the babies' room, I painted a dresser to match, and made hooded towels.

Full Dresser with Knobs

I got the knobs from a local salvage hardware store. They are all the same type of knob, but obviously differ in color. Ada helped me pick them out from a box of dozens of these knobs. And speaking of Ada, she picked the blue and purple paints. In order to involve her in the baby planning, we let her choose colors, but then added the green so that we could have a stripe around the room. Ada routinely lets us know that she doesn't like the green.

Wall and Dresser

Towel Models
The towels, as worn by my semi-willing models. 

Ada has used the hooded towel someone gave us since pretty much week one. As her towel has ducks on the hood, she declared that the babies need duck hooded towels too. Ever compliant with this kind of request, I added duck ribbon trim to the hoods.

When I undertake a new project, especially one I find online, I tend to search the web for the best (by which I mean "easiest to follow") directions. Here I followed two different patterns, so the hoods ended up slightly different on the two towels.

Back to the present: 
The towels are working well, as is the room. We aren't actually using the dresser much, since I figured out that to make their clothes accessible we needed to store a bunch of them downstairs. Otherwise, when one kid is sleeping you can't change the other one.


  1. I love those colors. Vibrant, alive.

  2. That is gorgeous -- I just love those colors and how they look together. Vibrant is the word I'd choose too!

  3. I could have used Ada's help in decorating my apartment here. I love the colours she chose, and I'm also a fan of the green stripe!

  4. Yep. Count me in. GREAT colors.

  5. am holding my tongue regarding the fact of this post being ideally suited to a cross-post on dybtn.

    oh. wait.