Thursday, December 31, 2009

A year in pictures

I recently went through a bunch of old photos on flickr and tagged the ones I liked. I tagged some because they are technically good (or at least interesting), while others capture something about my subject or are somehow especially meaningful to me (usually these are family photos). 

I picked out twelve of my favorites, one from each month of 2009. As today is my birthday, I am allowed to be a little self-indulgent.

01/16/09 WPA Fragment
January: work fragment

Ada in the teepee
February: Ada in the teepee
(pretty much all of these pictures were also in the running for February favorite)

John, amused
March: I can't imagine taking a picture of John that I prefer to this one

04/19/09 Calm Amidst the Play
April: Monkey Boy at Rest

May: Born yesterday

Waiting for Waffles
June: Waiting at the Waffle Window

July: Mira at two months

Mira & Bop -12 weeks
August: My father makes my daughter laugh

Mira, feverish
September: Mira, feverish

Juni and Ian
October: Juniper and Ian

Lila, Masked
November: Tortilla Lila

December: Ian, taking in the late day sun

Picking one picture from each month was really hard. Some months I took a lot of pictures, while others (especially the last few of my pregnancy) I took barely any. Some months I love the pictures I took of Ada, while others Mira really jumped out at me. Ian has been especially cute and hammy lately, so in November and December I took a lot of pictures of him. Although in December I took a number of photos of Ian that I really like, I feel guilty for not using a picture of Ada. I don't want anyone to think that now that I have new subjects I am neglecting her, photographically speaking. I guess this is a version of the problem faced by all parents of multiple children. For me the answer may just be to share more pictures!

Tomorrow I start a new photo-a-day project. As usual for me, I am torn about what to do. I had several ideas (and a couple more were suggested to me by family and friends). I was drawn to Karen's suggestion to take pictures of twinned items, but in the end decided to go with a monthly color theme.

Using colors from the color wheel (red, yellow, orange, green, blue, purple) this will give me a six to nine month project, if I include white, gray and black. I am excited to start! When I have started other photo-a-day projects, I promised that I would post the results here occasionally. I have not done that much, in part because I get shy about it. We'll see if I can get over that this year.

Happy old year, happy new year!


  1. Happy Birthday!

    That photo of John is one of my favorites as well (it's on my desk, as is the one you took of Milo on the same day).

    I should check in with your flickr site more often....maybe that will be my resolution. ;)

  2. I would love to see your color photos. Happy new year!

  3. Happy Birthday Nora!
    I hope you have a wonderful, stress free one!
    Where's the hat pictures? I loved the one where you all had hat's on.

    Happy New Year

  4. Your father has a most excellent mustache.

    Happy birthday!