Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Even the common cold can knock you out

Ada, Chris and I all got the H1N1 vaccine last Friday. On Saturday Ada played with a kid who subsequently came down with something (maybe the flu). I checked, and it takes a couple of weeks for the vaccine to protect you after you take it. On Tuesday Ada was running a low fever but was otherwise fine. I am coughing and phlegmy. Neither of us seems to really fit the flu symptoms enough for us to worry.

We are tired, however.

I guess we are sick

Yup, that's me, asleep with a not-quite empty tea mug in my lap. Ada and I slept upright, using one another as pillows. It felt great.


  1. I hope you'll all feel better soon! That's a great picture =) But I can't help but wonder, were your necks alright after sleeping in a position like that?

  2. That's pretty much the best photo of Motherhood I've ever seen.

  3. Love it! (the photo not the illness)

  4. Even though you're both feeling sick (I am, too), that's a beautiful photo.

  5. Ada looks so elegant! Feel better, both of you!

  6. you have the best cheekbones in the Western World! Seriously how a shot cannot come out unphotogenic is a testament to your exquisite features!

    oh my jeezus!

    ps. is Ada's hair getting darker or trick of the light???

  7. Mo, you need your eyes examined. That is definitely an unflattering picture of me.

    Ada's hair is darker, as we've cut off most of the baby blond.