Friday, November 27, 2009

Counting My Blessings

I am so lucky. This week seemed like a good time to be thankful for some of the people who have made me feel that way.

Abby, who I met in prenatal yoga, not once but twice came over to help us out on days she was child-free and could have been sipping coffee and reading a book.

Dina, who volunteered to spend a couple of hours with Ada so that Chris and I could go out to dinner.

My mother, who this summer spent 10 days helping with baby-wrangling, in those last few days of the "4th trimester" when the babies needed a lot of attention but didn't reward us with a lot of sleep.

Traci, who loaned us a crib so that the babies could stop kick-boxing in their sleep. Looking at them now I can hardy imagine how we kept them in one bed so long.

Ellen, who cooked us pork and polenta and baked apples. And who always gives us food she'd "made too much of."

Elizabeth, who has taken Ada on adventures and playdates with her son, giving us a few hours of respite.

Karen, who does not mind that I call for 10 minute chats.

Chris, who out of nowhere says, you know, if one of these nights you want to go out to dinner with friends or to a movie or something, you should do that.

Neighbors who routinely have Ada over for dinner, where she eats more than she does at home. (Viva Taco Night!)

My boss, for letting me have this past six months at home with Ian and Mira.

My in-laws, for coming to see us regularly even as I balk at packing everyone (and everything) up for the trip down to their house.

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  1. I opposite of mind hearing from you a lot.