Monday, October 05, 2009

The Unexpected Joy of Parenting

2:26 A.M.

Mira had been crying on and off for an hour. I got up and fed her, then rocked her and put her back to bed. On my way downstairs to pump, I stopped in Ada's room to make sure she was warm enough. She has taken to sleeping on top of her down comforter, covered only by her baby blankets. Sometimes she kicks off the covers early in the evening and spends the rest of the night without blankets. Tonight she was covered by two of her favorites, but her toes were sticking out. I laid a third blanket over her so that her feet were covered. She stirred, and as I was leaving, said, "I love you Mama."

I love you too, Ada.


  1. Don't you love it when they say "I love you" spontaneously!!! It just melts my heart when Lizzie does that. She also often sleeps on top of her covers so we use fleece jammies.

  2. That's so crazy because my 14yr old sleeps on top of her down comforter and has these little toddler blankets on top of her. Maybe it's a girl thing?