Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Lost and Found

Lost: my keys (house, bike lock, friends' houses). I might have left them at the coast, or they might be in the bottom of a diaper bag, or somewhere in the car. It has been more than two weeks.

Found: the shirts I thought I accidentally donated to Goodwill have resurfaced. I put them away when I got pregnant, but then forgot where. I searched all the closets several times and then gave them up for lost. This week while looking for something else in the closet I thought, "hmm, what's in this storage box labeled blankets?" and YAY! My summer wardrobe has been more than doubled. Just in time for fall.

Lost: the clicker for my car. One of the things we most wanted in a minivan was remote key-less entry. Without the clicker, no auto-sliding doors. The crazy thing is that I lost the clicker in my front yard. (I think. That's the thing about something being lost, right?) I used the clicker while standing near the car, and then walked back up the sidewalk to the porch.  I looked at my key and saw the clicker was not looped to the little flimsy metal connector dealie. My first thought was that I could call it. This is what I do whenever I can't find my phone, but as you might have realized, this won't work for the clicker. Then again, neither did walking around muttering "fuck. fuck fuck fuck."

Found: my keys. Well, Chris found them (while I was midway through constructing this post), but I am thrilled nonetheless. Still no sign of the clicker.


  1. Yay for found keys. And shirts. Boo for lost clicker.

    Your post reminds me of two things: 1. I need to have you over to look at the nice clothes I have (dresses, mostly, I think) that might fit you or give you good fabric but that I will never wear again and 2. I need to go see what's in the boxes in the attic. Yikes. Could be anything.

  2. "fuck fuck fuck" That's almost like a magic incantation, isn't it?

  3. Unfortunately, "Fuck!" seldom works. Which leads to more "Fuck!"

    And I imagine those things aren't cheap to replace . . .

  4. I call that "twin brain!"
    Toggles are $$$$$ to replace!

  5. yep. you're the mother of three children, all right.